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Early Detection of Red Palm Weevil
PalmAcou detects the infestation in its earliest stages, saving your palm trunk & avoiding damage to your palm tissues.

Effects of the Weevil


Posing severe threat to date palm cultivation


$8 million is lost each year through removal of severely-infested trees alone


Penetrates the palm trunks creating cavities and tunnels that weaken the tree structure


The combined cost of pest management, eradication and replacement of infested palms, and loss of benefits was around €100 million by 2013.

Proposed Solution

Based on IoT technology, a network of nodes will be connected to a palm tree which in turn will linked to a master node. The master node is used to transfer the data to a cloud server. Further deep learning techniques is integrated on a cloud server for accurate detection. As well as a web application that enables the farmer to manage and control the system to identify the infected palm tree in real time.
For early detection we propose an acoustic device to record the sound from the field and compare it with a previously recorded larvae sound under lab conditions to determine if there is an infestation.
This comparison is made by comparing signal features of the two audio signals.
The Feeding sound is the most frequently occurring sound in an infected tree.

Experimental Work

Infested Palm Tree

WhatsApp Image 2022-09-19 at 10.31.05 AM.jpeg

Healthy Palm Tree

WhatsApp Image 2022-09-19 at 10.31.05 AM (1).jpeg

Why are we different?

The methods that are currently implemented to detect the infestation are:
  • Trained dogs
  • Trained workers
Advantages of to using the acoustic method:
  • Utilizing Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence
  • Sensing device:
          - Installed separately in palm trees.
          - No need to connect it to a PC.
  • More practical and easier to use than traditional methods.
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