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What We Offer
Let VCS Manage Your System So You Can Focus On Your Core Business
We aim to provide our clients with the best outsourcing solutions and trainings across the world. VCS has the experts you need to guarantee top quality service. Our services include deep learning, vision computing, embedded systems and cloud based computing. We pride ourselves in partnering with clients.


Egypt has the resources your company need. We can provide talented programmers whom are experts and have the great skills to get your project done. Using the strong background our experts have, our clients could focus on their work without worrying. Our cost time effective services also include supervising researchers for the client.
We have three different proposed cooperation models in outsourcing​


Fixed Term


Where you pay a fixed amount for a clear well-specified outcome in a well-defined duration.
Where we dedicate a team for your project, you assign the tasks to the team and we supervise the progress and provide a revised outcomes.

Full Control

Here we help you to select the best members for the team. The team will work directly & completely for your side. We help in recruitment and hosting.


In the previous project we have test a wide range of algorithms that are designed for smart video surveillance. We have also tested the integration of some of these algorithms with embedded systems such as Raspberry Pi. In the proposed ARP project we aim to:

  1. Optimize more algorithms to be implemented on Raspberry Pi

  2. Integrate these algorithms together and with a control system

  3. Improve the accuracy and performance of these algorithms to reach user’s acceptance and real-time results (mainly by using federated learning).

  4. Tailoring the algorithms for (a) indoor and (b) outdoor scenes. As based on our observations, every scene type needs special settings. 

  5. More accurate algorithms for special for Action and People Re-identification Recognition.

  6. Propose new algorithms: 

    1. Preprocessing: Image super-resolution, Deburring, Lighting & Night Vision

    2. Face recognition of vehicle driver

    3. Audio-based abnormal action recognition

    4. Person/ event- based summarization from multiple cameras. 

  7. Propose security system on edge as well as cloud level, which include user authentication and authorization, encryption and Trojan detection  

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